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If it isn't broke why fix it?


Businesses are continually facing many new challenges - tougher competition, more demanding customers and shareholders and smarter regulators that demand the business optimize and justify costs while maintaining or even increasing service levels.

Preventive maintenance expenditures are generally recognized as the single largest controllable cost (representing X% of cost base or revenue base on average) and as such, offer an attractive target. However, these expenditures and how they affect identified business outcomes (e.g. reliability, availability and life-cost of assets, incremental revenue or profit per dollar expended) are often insufficiently documented and understood to help management evaluate current maintenance practices and adopt an effective maintenance strategy.

IRCís maintenance optimization offerings provide businesses with a robust approach to building an optimal maintenance strategy and developing asset management excellence. IRC has a proven global track record in helping clients identify the need for improved maintenance strategies and successfully implementing such strategies. IRC provides services to several industry verticals including:

  • Electric Transmission and Distribution
  • Water Transmission and Distribution
  • Gas Transmission and Distribution
  • Electric Generation (Nuclear, Fossil, and Hydro)
  • Paper & Pulp Manufacturing

  • Food Processing
  • Energy and Chemical Pipelines
  • Petroleum Refining
  • Mining Applications
  • Appliance Manufacturing