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If it isn't broke why fix it?



Utilities / Electric Transmission and Distribution

Reliability Centered Maintenance is rapidly becoming the maintenance standard for power transmission and power distribution. The analysis readily incorporates all high voltage equipment, including oil-filled and dry transformers, circuit breakers, switches, regulators, arrestors, reclosers, metering equipment, capacitors, and more. Of particular importance is the ability to integrate legacy systems when updating and automating operational processes. Please go to our ‘Contact’ page to request additional information.


Utilities / Generation, Gas, and Water

Utilities constantly strive to optimize the extraction of energy or product from every available on-line source. As system complexity and automation increases, so does the need for effective proactive maintenance strategies. RCM Analysis not only insures the efficient use of assets, it also meshes seamlessly with corporate directives to implement SAP, including the integration of legacy systems. Please go to our ‘Contact’ page to request additional information.


Energy / Pipelines and Refineries

Greater demands being placed on aging infrastructure along with tightening environmental regulations go beyond the abilities of most legacy maintenance systems. The implementation of SAP Maintenance Modules and right-of-way oversight make a Reliability Centered Maintenance Analysis a necessity in these applications. Please go to our ‘Contact’ page to request additional information.


Paper and Pulp

The requirements of international customers, both in product specifications and tolerances, are placing greater demands on equipment. The implementation of programs such as SAP can appear to be in conflict with the bottom-line need to keep the product lines running. RCM is an effective way to address these concerns. Please go to our ‘Contact’ page to request additional information.



The complexity of automated systems often conceals the inherent redundancy of the components. Equipment such as hydraulic presses and conveyors lend themselves well to IRC products like Equipment Maintenance Templates, Failure Cause Codes, and Detailed Maintenance Tasks. The development of Standardized Maintenance Practices and Mobile Workforce Implementation can all add to the Maintenance Program optimization. Please go to our ‘Contact’ page to request additional information.


Mining and Metals

Remote logistics and harsh operating conditions make proactive preventative maintenance a necessity. Dependence on critical systems means that even minor lost-time failures can have a dramatic impact on overall production. Health and Safety requirements and environmental regulations also add to the demands placed on the PM systems. Reliability Centered Maintenance is an effective way to insure that fixed and mobile assets remain in operation. Please go to our ‘Contact’ page to request additional information.